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Whether you are starting your own business or have been in business for years, having the right internal processes impacts how your business performs. PBW&HR was born to help small to medium sized businesses navigate the complexities of building their internal HR infrastructure and or improve upon them. Our goal when working with employer clients is simple - to become their advocates in identifying and bringing the right set of solutions based on their unique needs. This often results in improved internal processes, lower business costs, and a healthier bottom line.

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Why us?

PEO Brokerage

PBW&HR's PEO Brokerage division helps clients identify, vet, and enter into the right PEO relationship or reevaluate current PEO placement. With a vast PEO marketplace and varying pricing models, services, terms & conditions, selecting a PEO, let alone the "right" PEO can quickly become a massive undertaking for clients not familiar with the inner workings of a Professional Employer Organizations (PEO's).

With our 20+ years experience in the PEO industry, truly agnostic approach to our clients business needs, defined request for proposal (RFP) process, simplified cost analysis, and single point of contact approach, we help clients make educated business decisions when entering into a PEO relationship often resulting in increased efficiencies, scalability, and growth.

HR Technology Advisors

For clients that prefer to not enter into a PEO arrangement, our team of HR technology experts help with providing a-la-carte tools to help run your HR side of the business such as payroll platforms, time and attendence tracking, employee handbooks, and much more. Plus, when aligning with a payroll platform we offer wrap around enhanced client support & managed payroll so that when challanges arise they are quickly answered.

Bottom Liners

We are constantly striving to bring a unique set of solutions to our clients with one thought in mind...will this impact their bottom line positively? Check our services page for more.