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Payroll Services

Fully Outsourced & Managed Payroll service solutions for your business
Hands off approach to paying your people so you can keep costs low and focus on growing your business
  • Check delivery
  • Direct deposit
  • Tax filings (local, state & federal)
  • Tax forms (W2, 1099, Quarterly 941, 940,)
  • Paperless paystubs
  • Securely manage your payroll anywhere, anytime with mobile payroll solutions
  • 24/7 live support from payroll specialists to help ensure accuracy with every payroll
  • Provide flexible payment options to your employees: direct deposit, paper checks or pay card Gain better control of your cash
  • Get better visibility into your cash with reporting and payroll liability previews
  • Access seamless general ledger integration with popular accounting software
  • Improve your cash flow predictability and eliminate the risk of large upfront premium deposits when you use a premium payment program for workers’ compensation insurance
  • Reduce your compliance risk
  • Automated federal, state and local payroll tax management for greater accuracy no matter where you do business
  • Versatile time tracking and scheduling solutions to help enhance payroll accuracy and improve compliance

How we do it
Managed payroll services from PBW&HR

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