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Workman's Comp Insurance

For any company and any size
You are passionate about growing your business, but complex and necessary administrative tasks, such as workers’ compensation premium payments, can disrupt your company’s workflow and steal focus from your business priorities.

You could be eligible for Pay-by-Pay Premium Payment program for workers’ compensation, a service that can help eliminate many administrative burdens associated with workers’ compensation premium payments.

The Accurate Way

What if one service could help you:

  • Minimize surprises at your year-end audit
  • Reduce the risk of over or underpayment of your workers’ compensation premiums
  • Accurately calculate premium payments on workers’ tips and wages

With Pay-by-Pay, your payments are based on actual payroll data and carrier rates, which helps minimize miscalculations at your year-end audit.

A Convenient Approach

Pay-by-Pay can help manage the premium payment process for you. Our Pay-by-Pay program:

  • Sends your premium payments directly to your carrier to avoid late payment policy cancellations, fines and penalties
  • Helps manage administrative activities that can interfere with your productivity

Better Cash Flow

What would you do if you had extra cash to put back into your business? Pay-by-Pay offers:

  • No up-front premium deposit,* which frees up funds that you can invest in your business to help build profitability
  • Premium payments based on actual payroll data and carrier rates to minimize over or under payments of premiums
  • Payments that are spread over your company’s payroll cycle so you know exactly what to expect and when