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Comprehensive Workers Compensation in West Palm Beach

Don't miss out on increased cash flow, outsource your workers comp services in Florida today!

You're missing out on vital workers comp services in West Palm Beach
As a West Palm Beach employer, workers compensation is vital. However, you're wasting time and money by not optimizing your workers comp coverage and taking part in a modern pay as you go system.

Workers compensation policies protect both you and your employees, however you could be saving time and money by optimizing your delivery. Our unique pay as you go services provide employers with lower overhead, while our workers comp management can save you time—time that you can spend growing your West Palm Beach business.

foreign workers are building the highest skyscrapers of the world in southeast asia. often under precarious working conditions.
Our approach to workers comp in West Palm Beach
Our Florida based workers comp specialists offer you a hands off approach to handling workers comp

You shouldn't be wasting your time and money on needlessly expensive and time consuming workers comp dillemas. At PBW&HR, we offer another path to workers comp in West Palm Beach.

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    The Accurate Way

    Our team at PBW & HR can provide payments based on actual data and ensure you never overpay for unecessary annoyances.Our unique pay as you go service can:

    • Minimize surprises at your year-end audit
    • Reduce the risk of over or underpayment of your workers’ compensation premiums
    • Accurately calculate premium payments on workers’ tips and wages

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    A Convenient Approach

    Our software is easy to use and our small size allows us to provide individualized services focused on client engagement. When you partner with PBW & HR for workers comp services we:

    • Send your premium payments directly to your carrier to avoid late payment policy cancellations, fines and penalties
    • Help manage administrative activities that can interfere with your productivity
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    Better Cash Flow

    Increase your cash flow and poor it back into your business with game-changing pay as you go workers comp. Our pay as you go workers comp services in West Palm Beach offer:

    • No up-front premium deposit,* which frees up funds that you can invest in your business to help build profitability
    • Premium payments based on actual payroll data and carrier rates to minimize over or under payments of premiums
    • Payments that are spread over your company’s payroll cycle so you know exactly what to expect and when